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The critical position of the company near Thessaloniki port, the largest in the Balkan region, gives Marmouris S.A.  a great advantage towards the neighboring markets.

Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, FYROM, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Germany, Libya and Kurdistan are among the countries that MARMOURIS S.A has been active for many years.  Our customers are both well known and reliable partners, thus we are able to exchange valuable knowledge and experience,  throughout the years of our co-operation.

MARMOURIS S.A exports activity is rapidly expanding .This is a fact that has a strong impact on the company’s network. New markets are added and consequently enhance the presence of the company, in the field of Hardware Industry.

The main corporate sales volume is the Greek network and it covers the 85% of the annual sales volume of the company. The dispersion of our clients is covering 100% of the total Greek territory. Our experienced salesmen’s main goal is to keep informed and updated all our clients, for all the products of the market we represent.